1. ofuckme:


    don’t tell me that one direction don’t care about their fans when they purchased food and had it sent down to the fans waiting outside their hotel


    (via starstruck-pyromaniac)

  2. December 2013. Rhode Island. Nikkormat.

  3.  June 2013. Manhattan: Lai. Nikkormat.

  4. March 2013. Boston Aquarium. Nikkormat.


  5. Two new rolls of film from winter break, and one dug up by my photo teacher that had been hiding in the darkroom for a while!

  6. Breaking Points

    Joint project between me and Lai (model)

    June 2013. Nikkormat.

  7. June 2013. Central Park. Nikkormat.

  8. March 2013. The High Line. Nikkormat.


  9. Got some photos lined up but unfortunately I left the scans in NY when I went on christmas break. I’ll be back in the city tomorrow and brindle will be back on its regular posting schedule!

  10. June 2013. Eileen’s Birthday. Nikkormat.